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Living Wall Art –You have the idea of making wall decoration living, make a different style from art paintings?

This wall decorative plant bubble is just like a living gorgeous wall art, making a sweet unordinary fun home!

Safe and Perfect Decoration for Your Kid’s Room–You want to give some decoration for your kid’s room, but worry they will knock it off by accident?

This home decoration pot is wall mounted, perfect for decoration but out of reach of your kid

Maximize Your Space –You may have a limited space in your office or college dorm room or have a cluttered desk ,you want some decoration maximize your space? .

This cute addition doesn’t take up any space on your desk, and you can enjoy the fun of plant pet.

Kind Reminder
• This cool wall mounted aquarium tank is great to start aquatic plants for décor, but not an ideal environment for any fish, a little small.

• Make sure this nice wall aquarium hang very securely on the screw that was provided with the tank .

Wall Mounted Aquarium Tank Wall Planters Hanging Bowl Home Decoration Pot Jar for Aquatic Plants Acrylic Material

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  • ✔FANTASTIC WALL DECORATION--This wall mounted Jar is great for décor to put plants (better not fish as space not enough big) either your home or space at work, stone, plant in pictures are not included
  • ✔MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE --This Wall Aquarium doesn't take up any space on your desk or counter
  • ✔SAFE AND STURDY-This wall tank made of non-easy broken acrylic materials and no worries kids or pets will knock it off by accident
  • ✔REALLY EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN UP --Only need to locate the stud behind the wall and install one screw for this plants bubble
  • ✔GUARANTEE--We want you to be happy with your wall decorative plant l. We offer a 100% hassle free refund