Umiwe 5 Pcs Stainless Steel Aquarium Scissors Tweezers Spatula


Product Information

-Build up good living habitat for your fishes.
-Curved scissor and tweezer help get to those corners and edges.
-Use your choice of the straight or curved tip scissors to trim and neatly groom aquarium plants.
-Sharp surface makes it easier to trim aquatic plants.
-High quality material, durable and solid.

Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Quantity: 5 pieces
Straight Scissor: About 25cm (9.84inch),Ideal for precision straight cuts
Curved Scissor: About 25cm (9.84 inch),Gets in hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants.
Substrate Spatula: About 32cm (12.60 inch),Create smooth substrate slopes and terraces.
Straight Tweezer: About 27cm (10.6 inch),Securely grasp your items during maintenance and setup.
Curved Tweezer: About 27cm (10.6 inch),Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease!

1.Rinse with fresh water before first use.
2.Use for fresh aquarium only.
3.Put it away from children and pets.
4.Rinse and dry with a clean cloth after each use.

Package include:
1 x Straight Scissor
1 x Curved scissor
1 x Substrate Spatula
1 x Straight tweezer
1 x Curved tweezer
1 x Carrying bag

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Umiwe 5 Pcs Stainless Steel Aquarium Scissors Tweezers Spatula Aquascaping Tools Set for Fish Tank Plants

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  • 5 pieces aquarium landscaping tools meets all your landscape requirements.
  • Stainless steel material will never get rusted(Rinse and dry after each use).
  • Delicate lip end will never do harm to your aquatic plants nearby.
  • Designed according to the human engineering principle, provides an easy and convenient operation.
  • Great for aquarium plants, substrate, gravel, and other decorations.
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Umiwe 5 Pcs Stainless Steel Aquarium Scissors Tweezers Spatula
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