SunGrow Hose Holder: Strong durable plastic: Firmly holds the


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All aquariums require some basic maintenance, which includes changing and filtering the water in your tank to ensure a healthy environment for your fish and underwater plants.During these processes, the hose will need to be placed below the level of the aquarium to operate effectively as they use gravity and the siphon effect to help the pump. But it’s a task to keep holding that pipe, especially if your tank is on a higher place. But with the SunGrow Hose holder, you can now easily secure your hose system.

This extremely special device will firmly hold the hose in place and assure no slipping during cleaning and water changes in your tank. It measures 5.1 inches and can accommodate different types of hoses and filtration systems. Whether you are using braided vinyl, silicone or PVC tubing, this hose holder can secure all types of flexible hose pipes. The design comes with a vice that can be easily screwed onto the side of your aquarium. This is very convenient for adjusting the hose pipe’s height in the tank.

Additionally, when your hose pipe is securely in place it will not disturb fish or underwater décor during your routine maintenance. This product will also not leach any unwanted toxins or chemicals into the water. This hose holder is a truly practical, a ‘must-have’ item for all aquarium owners.

SunGrow Hose Holder: Strong durable plastic: Firmly holds the pipe in place no slipping: Attaches to aquarium wall with a vice: Easily clean or change water with this holder

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  • STRONG DURABLE PLASTIC--- This 5.1-inch long device is made from strong and durable plastic. That will last through years of use and maintenance of your tank. Additionally, the plastic is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • FIRMLY HOLDS HOSE--- The practical design will securely hold your hose pipe in place. This will ensure no slipping or splashing when changing or cleaning the water in your tank.
  • EASILY ATTACH TO AQUARIUM WALL FOR ALL KINDS OF TANK--- Instead of fiddling around trying to get your hose pipe to stay in place, you can just use this hose holder. It has an easy screw vice that will securely fit onto almost any aquarium wall. This fits all kinds of tank.
  • CLEAN AND CHANGE TANK WATER EASILY---- No more bother and DIYing when changing the water in your tank. This SunGrow hose holder just made your job a whole lot simpler and easier.
  • WILL NOT DISTURB FISH OR DÉCOR--- The last thing you want to do is upset the tranquility in your aquarium. The pipe holder will ensure your fish, plant life and water remain undisturbed during routine maintenance and cleaning.
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SunGrow Hose Holder: Strong durable plastic: Firmly holds the
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