Shrimp Bubble Semi-Closed Self-Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem Kit


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Created by professionals at Rainforest Aquarium LLC, the Shrimp Bubble Live Shrimp Ecosystem is a viable, semi-closed symbiotic ecosystem that self-sustains for an extended period of time. It contains live opae ula shrimp, live algae and microorganisms. All composing elements exist and interact with each other in an attractively designed, high quality clear glass bubble filled with filtered brackish water. No Frequent Water Changes, No Daily Feeding, No Water Filtration. Just provide your Shrimp Bubble with indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy observing its gradual development.

How it works: The algae use light and carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen. The oxygen is liberated into the water and is used by the shrimp for breathing. The shrimp feed on algae and microorganisms and release waste and carbon dioxide into the water. Microorganisms feed on shrimp’s waste and brake it down into dissolved simple inorganic nutrients. The algae use the nutrients and the carbon dioxide for growth, thus closing the symbiotic cycle.

The greatest benefit of the semi-closed Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem is that one is able to remove the top and, every once in awhile feed the shrimp for a boost of extra energy or intervene to maintain good water quality if the system goes off balance, thus increasing the chances of a long term success. One may also recharge the Shrimp Bubble ecosystem by simply buying a live shrimp replacement kit.

Comes as a kit. Minor assembly required. Everything is precisely measured. Easy assembly.

Includes: 3 + 1 extra Live Shrimp, Glass Bubble, Crafted Cork Top, Gravel, Dry Sea Fan Branch, Lava Rocks, Sea Shells, Live Algae, Filtered Brackish Water – enriched with microorganisms, Algae Scrubbing Magnets, Easy Shrimp Bubble Kit Assembly and Care Instructions.

Price: $78.00

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  • A UNIQUE PERFECT GIFT - Captivating desktop companion for your home or office, perfect as a dorm pet, great educational tool
  • VERY EASY KIT ASSEMBLY - The Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem comes pre-assembled. You only need to transfer the live marine shrimp from their container into the glass bubble (pre-measured water volume, small paper funnel provided). The kit includes 3 to 4 live opae ula shrimp.
  • SELF-SUSTAINING AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM - Minimum maintenance. no daily feeding, no filtration, no frequent water changes
  • SEMI-CLOSED (not sealed) - Removable decorative cork top, allows for ease of access
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Shrimp Bubble Semi-Closed Self-Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem Kit
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