Shirakura Crystal Red Shrimp Food (S) 1.00 Oz / 30 G for Live


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You are winning 1 small Shirakura Shrimp Food (35g or 1.25 oz)

- Designed especially for shrimp tank. They are products of years of shrimps breeding experience. Shirakura CRS Specialty Food is designed to enhance color of crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps and other algae eater shrimp.

- Many users continue to support this product since it was first introduce 10 years ago in Japan. It does not contain preservative. It is currently the best selling shrimp food in the market now.

- Enriched with multivitamins (including stabilized vitamin C and stabilized vitamin E) and minerals and fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals for color display and proper molting.

- Sink immediately in water. Major component is sea weed that does not cloud in water. Some customers drop in extra food for the shrimps before they went out for short holidays.

Shrimps feasting on Shirakura food. Notice that the shrimp food does not dirty the water.

Shirakura Shrimp Food
35g (1.25 oz)

Origin Japan
Suitable for Algae eating shrimps. crystal red shrimps, red bee shrimps. Neocardinal species like cherry shrimps and neon green
Storage Store them in cool and low humidity place. Recommend to store an opened bottle in the fridge and draw a small amount to put in air tight box that is enough for a week of feeding

Pellets are uniform in size with very strong sea weed smell

Shirakura Crystal Red Shrimp Food (S) 1.00 Oz / 30 G for Live Aquarium Shrimp Crystal Red Cherry Sakura

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  • Shirakura ebi dama, a herbal supplementary feed (30g) for your shrimps and crayfish
  • Firm, flake form that doesn't crumble easily and does not cloud the water
  • Shirakura feed was conceptualized by one of the leading red bee shrimp breeders in japan who is credited to raise most popular and beautiful shrimps
  • This food is known to make shrimps flock to and even fight over it
  • Ensures good health of your animals because the feed is rich in vitamin and mineral content