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The Rite-Bite Fish Tank For a Betta Education is the perfect 1st fish tank for you to share with the child in your life. It has been set up specifically to help kids be able to take over the responsibility of caring for their fish quickly and easily. With the Easy-Feed System, you can set up an entire week’s worth of pre-portioned food. This helps you avoid the #1 problem of fish care, overfeeding. The Tank comes with a sea-scape treasure chest picture for your child to color so the background will be his or her own masterpiece.

Beautiful PRO-V Crystal Gravel has been included so your tank will be decorated while it absorbs waste to keep the water fresh and clean. A bottom drainage system has been set up for simple and clean water changes.

The lid has a 2 color LED light installed (2 AA batteries not included). White for daytime, and Blue for nighttime or as a soft, soothing night light.

The tank dimensions are 5.5” x 8” x 10” and it holds 1.13 gallons.

A word to the grownups: This product has been scientifically designed to work as well as it looks. It teaches your child valuable lessons in life-cycle concepts. It is strongly recommended that you discuss this enjoyable and interesting experience with your child. Explain to them the care and cleaning that is necessary to maintain your betta’s good health.

This aquarium kit is designed for 1 betta or 1 small cold water, freshwater fish; consult your pet retailer for the appropriate fish for this kit

Penn Plax Rite-Bite Educational Tank – For a Betta Education – A Perfect 1st Fish Tank

Price: $24.99

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  • Easy Feed System reminds you to feed your fish every day.
  • 2 color LED light. White for daytime, and Blue for nighttime
  • PRO-V Crystal Gravel decorates while absorbing waste to keep water clean
  • Pre-portioned feeding compartments and scoop help avoid overfeeding
  • Color in the included background to personalize your tank
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Penn Plax Rite-Bite Educational Tank – For a Betta Education -
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