Pen-Plax RFCW1 Universal Crate Waterer for Dogs & Cats


Product Information

Penn-Plax Universal Crate Waterer is specially designed for dogs, cats and other similar sized animals. These waterers fit easily with any wire pet cage using the unique thumb screw design and can be screwed directly to a wall for outside use. Each waterer comes with a stainless steel spout and ball that reduces contamination and will not leak. The 5/8 spout has a rounded edge and supplies just the right amount of water on demand. Easy to remove and clean, these waterers have a durable plastic body good for indoor or outdoor use. A unique quick-clamp lock allows for easy removal of bottle for refilling without having to disassemble the entire unit. Clamp rotates to position the bottle for cage or wall use. Waterer accepts a standard size water bottle (not included) up to 2-liters in size. Simply attach to your pet’s cage and insert any standard bottled water. Durable design built to last for years, these Universal Crate Waterers make watering your pets easy. Measures approximately 6 in length.

Price: $12.99

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  • Universal crate waterer attaches easily to wire and other cages
  • Comes with a long lasting no-leak stainless steel tip
  • Uses a standard water bottle up to 2 liters in size. (Not included)
  • Great for dogs, cats and other similar sized animals
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Pen-Plax RFCW1 Universal Crate Waterer for Dogs & Cats
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