Pen-Plax Climber-Vine with Leaves, 5′ x 0.25″


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Reptology 5-Foot Climber Vines for Reptiles are an ideal addition to any reptile tank or terrarium. Great for any climbing reptile or insect, these vines bring a functional & natural decor to your terrarium. Available in four colors and styles, these vines have a textured surface with a faux moss that give your climber a place to cling and add to the realistic look & feel. Each vine can be bent to any shape to fit your terrarium design. Select from vines with or without leaves, with optional colors and thicknesses. Use two or more vines intertwined to create elaborate natural settings. These vines are made of a durable plastic that is safe for your pet and easy to clean. Great for reptiles & insects, these vines will help make your terrarium an exotic home for your climbing pet.

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  • Specially designed for your climbing pet
  • Great for reptiles and insect terrariums
  • Natural looking vine with faux moss for a realistic look and feel
  • Bendable to any shape and can be intertwined to create exotic designs
  • Durable plastic is easy to clean and safe for your pets
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Pen-Plax Climber-Vine with Leaves, 5′ x 0.25″
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