OMEM Moss Balls Aquarium Kit Spherical Algae Pet Glass Tank


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A Story of the Hedgehog
The hedgehog wanted to hug, but his spikes were too prickly.
He collected plenty of blackberries so to put them on his spikes, to make them softer. This way, everyone can hug him.
He found his friends to help. The old mole touching the spikes by his poor eyesight; the mouse too weak to push the blackberries into the spikes; the deer not even lift blackberries with his hooves; the rabbit ate the blackberry instead of helping the hedgehog! They failed.
The hedgehog went back home crying.
Mother gave him a big hug to show him that everyone will still want to hug him, no matter how prickly his spikes are.
Mother suggested collecting blackberry and making blackberry cake. Invite all his friends for a party, to enjoy the cake together. How nice, the hedgehog and his friends were reconciled.
GREAT MATERNAL LOVE! Even if we hurt her, she will help us, help us through the storm.

-Pudding Bottle: diameter 2.1 inches, Height 2.76 inches (5.3cm *7cm).
-Moss Ball: diameter 0.8cm * 1, diameter 1.5cm * 1

Knowledge of moss balls that you should know
Moss ball care is very easy. Your friends will grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one or two weeks.
The growth rate of moss ball is about 5 mm per year. They will grow particularly large, up to 20-30 cm (8-12 inches).
Healthy moss balls will be bright green. Variations in color may indicate the water is too warm or not clean enough, or the light is not optimal. A lighter or white color could mean they are getting too much light. If the balls turn brown or grey, they likely need to be cleaned.
Have any questions of moss ball or package? Please contact us.

Package Included: bottle, moss balls, mini flower & Hedgehogs(plastic), a bag of stones, manual.

OMEM Moss Balls Aquarium Kit Spherical Algae Pet Glass Tank Decor Gift for Mom, Best Mother Present (Sapphire)

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  • Cute Bear Bottle: Length 2inch, Height 3.2inch.
  • Aegagropila linnaei algae balls are a fantastic gift, can be used as a birthday gift, office desk decoration, car decoration, furniture decoration, etc.
  • Extremely easy to take care of! These algae balls can even live in tap water with a water change once every 2 weeks. No need for special lighting, as algae balls does not like bright light. Do not keep the algae balls in direct sunlight.
  • Algae balls grow very slowly, so the algae ball you receive can live in the glass jar for years. Over time, the algae balls will become a "ship in a bottle" piece, and people will wonder how it got in the bottle in the first place.
  • Package Included: Includes a moss ball, 3 inches glass jar, sea fan and conch(plastic), sand.