OMEM Aegagropila linnaei Moss Balls Glass Aquarium Kit (Pink)


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Unlike virtually all of the Aegagropila linnaei on the market, each Aegagropila linnaei is cut from an authentic Aegagropila linnaei and shaped into a sphere. Because of this, the Aegagropila linnaei may have a slightly uneven appearance for the first few weeks.I’m very easy to care for. Just place me in a container with tap water and change it every one or two weeks. Please rinse anything you add to my container to keep my home clean. You don’t need to feed me. I don’t require anything but low light and clean water to live. Please don’t put me in direct sunlight. We don’t get much of that on the lake floor, so I don’t like it. I am most comfortable in normal to low household lighting. The gentle lake currents give me my beautiful round shape. If you gently swirl my water every once in a while that would be great! As a special treat you could even take me out and gently roll me across your palm. I sink or float depending on my mood (oxygen produced by the photosynthesis moves me up and down.) If I turn brown you can help me by replacing my water, squeezing me under running water to wash out any dirt, and adding about 5% table salt to my water. I will recover quickly. Also, a night in the fridge is like a week at the spa for me as I prefer cold water. I can live up to 200 years and grow about .5cm per year. Thanks for being so kind to me. Now I’m going to get to work being awesome!

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  • PERFECT AQUATIC PET AQUARIUM - A rare form of spherical algae, extremely easy to take care of! It can even live in tap water with a water change once every 2 weeks. 100% natural with no dye, pesticides, or other contaminants.
  • A FANTASTIC GIFT FOR CHILDREN - to teach them about the responsibility of owning and taking care of a pet.
  • GREAT DECOR IN THE HOUSE - Fit in anywhere in the house, such as on office desk, living room, dining room, bedroom and so on. This keepsake ensures that it will stand the test of time. This micro landscape bottle is suitable for a variety of decorative festivals, carnivals, parties, weddings, Christmas, office small potted gifts.
  • GROWING SURPRISES - Aegagropila linnaei Moss Balls grow very slowly, so the Aegagropila linnaei you receive can live in the glass jar for years. Over time, the Aegagropila linnaei will become a "ship in a bottle" piece, and people will wonder how it got in the bottle in the first place.
  • PACKAGE - Includes a moss ball, 3 inches glass jar with cork lid, sea fan and conch(plastic) , sand.
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OMEM Aegagropila linnaei Moss Balls Glass Aquarium Kit (Pink)
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