Koller-Craft Genuine 4.5V Power Adapter for Aquariums with


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Genuine API Power Adapter for all API battery powered aquariums. If you want to leave the LED light on most of the time you definitely need this 4.5V power adapter, no more having to purchase replacement batteries. If the API aquarium is in your kids room, please understand, they will want to keep the LED light on morning, noon, and night, which means several trips to the store for batteries. Or, you can buy this genuine API power adapter and not ever have to buy batteries again. API power adapters are tested and designed to meet the power needs of your low-voltage API LED light, this adapter converts AC electrical power into the DC power required by your API aquarium and allows you to operate your aquarium’s LED light from electrical power outlets. In addition to its popular desktop aquariums, KollerCraft also offers TOM aquarium filters and accessories, and Repeat reptile habitats.

Koller-Craft Genuine 4.5V Power Adapter for Aquariums with Battery Powered LED Light, 2 by 3 by 3″, Black

Price: $8.00

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  • 4.5-volt power adapter for use with KollerCraft aquariums with battery-powered LED lights
  • Allows you to operate aquarium's LED lights from an electrical power outlet
  • 70-inch power cord length