Innovative Marine 939061 380ML 8WT 92GPH Aqua Minimax Sump


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The minimax sump all-in-one media reactor is a novel approach to optimize chemical and biological filtration for aquariums utilizing a sump for filtration. Its innovative patent pending design minimizes the need for flexible tubes, PVC pipes, ball valves, thumb screws, and unnecessary clutter that are usually associated with typical media reactors. Its ingenious design maximizes performance and offers out of the box responsive flow control, easy maintenance, low power consumption, and the smallest of footprints. The versatile minimax sump reactor is designed with an acrylic pedestal and discreetly hides the included pump. The clever adjustable flow indicator dial allows for precise tuning and easy Reference points to min to max flow rates.

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  • Made for Sumps - space saving design with a Small footprint (4.33" diameter 9.64" high)
  • Responsive flow control - unique dual chamber design, allows for quick and responsive flow control within seconds with a simple turn of Knob
  • Silencing sleeve - slide sleeve up/down to eliminate water noise caused by low water levels
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Innovative Marine 939061 380ML 8WT 92GPH Aqua Minimax Sump
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