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Aquaponics is a system where the waste produced by fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants, which in turn purify the water. Here plants and fish act together in an ecosystem providing benefits to each other, the fish enjoying clean naturally purified water and the plants growing from the waste produced by the fish.

The Hydrofloria system comes with everything needed to create your aquaponics ecosystem, providing an attractive healthy home for your fish and aquatic animals, whether it’s you first betta fish or African dwarf frogs and guppies, they wouldn’t be happier or better cared for in any other environment.

Hydrofloria provides a better, more balanced, self-sustaining environment for fish than in a typical aquarium. Naturally purified water and a balanced ecosystem greatly increase the health of fish, while easing and simplifying the process, letting nature do the work.

Hydrofloria features low iron rimless glass tank and stainless steel construction, seeds, additives and PH balanced hydroponic plant growing media including all the components needed for a successful aquaponics system, as well as a comprehensive guide on raising live fish and live plants in a system designed for a balanced healthy and clean autonomous ecosystem.


-Hydrofloria tank (20x20x20cm 2.1 gallon)
-Plant Baskets with Growing Medium (3 plant baskets)
-Seeds (4 seed packets)
-Garden lid (Stainless steel plant basket holder)
-Dechlorinator (Water conditioner makes water safe)
-Beneficial Bacteria (Converts fish waste into plant food)
-Fertilizer Supplement (Adds nutrients not produced by fish)
-Stabilizing Substrate (Balances and buffers ecosystem)
-Fish Food (Formulated for betta fish and tropical species)
-Cleaning Sponge
-Protective Mat (sits under tank)

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  • Self contained autonomous ecosystem
  • Plants purify the water and the fish waste cycle feeds the plants
  • Attractive and sturdy glass and stainless steel construction
  • Includes everything needed. Seeds, Plant baskets, Water Conditioners, Lava Rock Gravel and More
  • Stainless steel garden lid