Classic EcoAquariumTM Complete Pet Habitat with Betta Fish


Product Information

This is a EcoAquariumTM complete with a live Betta Fish. The Classic EcoAquariumTM offers a complete ecosystem engineered to meet the needs of African Dwarf Frogs & Betta Fish. By keeping the EcoAquariumTM indoors in the shade, the EcoAquariumTM establishes a self-regulated balanced bio-culture. The cultured Living GravelTM filters waste ammonia & produces plant food, the Lucky Bamboo plant absorbs CO2 produces O2. Together with a live frog or fish, they complete a sustainable aquatic world unto itself.

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  • 4"x4"x5" tank with lid
  • 1 Lucky Bamboo Plant
  • One Year Supply of Betta Fish Food
  • One live Betta fish
  • Blue/Green Colored Gravel, Brown Living GravelTM filter