BioBubble Aquarium Bundle, Black


Product Information

The BioBubble is the most versatile small animal habitat. It can be used as an aquarium, terrarium or small pet habitat, customized to meet the needs of any small pet owner. Even though it comes with everything to make an Aquarium, you can change it at any time to make any number of suitable habitats by adding accessories. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that the Bio Bubble will hold up to years of use and still look as nice as it does today. The Base is made from virgin polycarbonate. The dome is made from Marine Grade Acrylic. The 360 degree design allows for viewing from any angle and makes it perfect as a desktop or designer Aquarium. The Aquarium Bundle was designed with Teachers in mind and so it is very simple to maintain. The 60 GPH Filtration Unit with replaceable Media Filter keeps the Aquarium cleaner for longer, and makes it ideal for Salt or Freshwater Aquarium use. The LED Light Cap is the perfect add-on for the BioBubble Aquarium Bundle. It comes standard with a 9,600 Kelvin LED bulb which duplicates pure sunlight. BioBubble Pets offers 4 unique replacement bulbs: UV, White/Blue, White/Red and White/Green. The Aquatic Bundle was specifically designed as a Saltwater and Freshwater Nano tank. It is perfect starting point for the beginner and a powerful tool for the seasoned hobbyist. Our Aquarium allows the user to create a fish, plant, live rock or reef aquarium. It is perfect for keeping small fish, crustaceans, ocean plants and corals. Industry standard recommends 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water. The aquarium tank is 3.5 gallons. We do not recommend more then 3-4 fish. Live Rock and Plant species would depend on the variety, but there is no standard for how much space they need. Individual results will vary. Beginners should always consult an aquarium expert and learn the chemistry of Saltwater fish keeping before moving up to more complex species and setups.

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  • Compatible with freshwater or saltwater animals
  • Quiet operating internal filtration system
  • 3 gallon water capacity and 16inch dome diameter
  • Silicone super grip feet pads prevent BioBubble from sliding on smooth surface
  • 5 star approval from the American Pet Association