Bio Wheel 55 Gallon Kit with Led Light


Product Information

Marineland LED Aquarium Kit Great kit for freshwater or saltwater tanks. Kit Includes: Penguin 350 Filtration Right Size C Replacement Filter Cartridge Fully submersible 200W Heater LED hood with 42 white and 3 blue bulbs Item Specifications: Size: 55 Gallon Dimensions: 48″L x 13″W x 20″H Aquarium Material: Glass

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  • Bio-Wheel aquarium kit features a new updated hood and LED lighting
  • Features 3 position switch on, blue and off
  • Includes 55 gallon glass aquarium, fluorescent lighting, filter and cartridge
  • Also includes 200 watt submersible heater, fish net, thermometer, food and water care samples and set up guide
  • The LED aquarium light integrates securely into place even when the hood is open