Bayshore Small Bubble Wall Aquarium


Product Information

Imagine you’re on your private yacht (we all have one, right?). You’re down below in the cabin looking out your personal portal into the deep blue sea. It’s easy to do with the Bayshore Small Bubble Wall Aquarium, an all-in-one aquarium kit that mounts easily on your wall. Complete with a brushed aluminum-plated frame, the spherical piece of wall art will be as lively as the fish inside it. Hidden compartment for electrical outlet. Safe, tempered glass tank. Easy access to the aquarium. Beautiful Australian Great Barrier Reef background. Powerful multi-functional submersible filter. Custom-fitted lighting fixture. Removable glass lid. Siphoning hose for cleaning. Comes with fish net. Complete mounting hardware included. Magnetic glass algae cleaner. Capacity: 3.2 gallons. Dimensions: 22 diameter x 7.5W inches.

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