Aqueon 100533055 15″ LED Column Aquarium Kit


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The Aqueon 15 LED Column aquarium kit features an low profile hood with built in White LED lights. The hood fits over the frame to create a sharp looking flat profile. The kit comes with a size 15 Glass Column aquarium, Aqueon quiet flow 10 hang-on-the-back power filter, Aqueon 50 Watt preset heater, fish net, thermometer as well as samples of Aqueon food and water care. All the consumer needs to do is remove the kit from the specially designed box for e-commerce shipping, then add gravel, decor and water to prepare to enjoy their fish.

Price: $97.11

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  • Glass Aquarium with low Profile Hood and integrated LED Lighting. Leds are energy efficient and long lasting
  • Aquarium kit comes with Aqueon quiet flow 10 hob power Filter and Aqueon 50 Watt preset Heater
  • 15 column Aquarium is complemented by the Aqueon 15 column stand (sold separately)
  • Set-up also includes Fish Net, thermometer and samples of Aqueon Food and water care
  • Ships in own container with reinforced packaging to protect product during shipping
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Aqueon 100533055 15″ LED Column Aquarium Kit