AQUARIUS Tuscany Aquarium Kit, 6-Gallon


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This 6 Gallon Aquarium Kit includes Tuscany themed decor top and base, unique LED Lighting and Mini Might Internal Filter (45gph flow rate). The elegant modern design with an Italian influence will enhance any room in your home, office or dorm. People of all ages enjoy looking at aquariums, aside from the fact that an aquarium adds beauty, many believe that owning an aquarium can be relaxing, rewarding and a great conversational piece all at the same time. Since the lighting and filtration come with the tank, there is very little you will need to worry about purchasing separately. The instructions are easy to follow and most customers write rave reviews about having an aquarium.

Price: $109.95

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  • Decorative 6-gallon aquarium with cylindrical shape for 360-degree view. ideal for the home, dorm room, or office
  • Hand-painted resin base and top with a natural wooden look
  • Energy-efficient, four-color LED lighting (blue, red, green, and white) illuminates the tank's inhabitants
  • Superclean 10 internal power filter cleans and purifies tank (45 GPH flow rate). Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge removes discolorations, odors, and more
  • Seamless acrylic construction offers a crystal clear view. resistant to impact and child-friendly. plastic plants not included
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AQUARIUS Tuscany Aquarium Kit, 6-Gallon
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