AQUARIUS Sound Machine Aquarium Kit, 2.5-Gallon


Product Information

You will find this sound therapy aquarium with special LED colored lights will provide your very own calming environment conducive to relaxation and peaceful sleep. The perfect way to fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep and feel rested in the morning. The 2.5 gallon aquarium kit comes with built-in MP3 player preloaded with soothing nature sounds, multi-color LED lighting (blue, red, green and white) with 10 selectable color combinations, plus internal power filter (45gph flow rate). People of all ages enjoy looking at aquariums, aside from the idea that an aquarium is beautiful, many also believe that having an aquarium can be relaxing, rewarding and a great conversational piece all at the same time. This desktop aquarium is perfect for bedroom, dorm or office. You can also play your downloaded music from your iPhone, iPad or Droid on AquaTunes by inserting earphone auxiliary connector (sold separately) into earphone jack.

Price: $38.97

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  • Aquarium kit featuring the calming Sounds of a Bubbling Brook, Ocean Waves, Rain Forest and Thunderstorms
  • Unique LED Lighting and filtration included
  • Easily connects to iPad, iPhone or Droid Smartphones with auxiliary cable (sold separately)
  • Aquarium lights can be turned on or off for easy night time operation
  • Decorations not included. 2.5-gallon kit