Aquarium Tool Kit (5pcs) by SunGrow — Perfect Aquascaping


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What is length of the scissors and spatula?

The scissors are 9.8 inches long, and the tweezers are approximately the same length. This will allow you to reach quite far down into your aquarium for all your planting and cultivating needs. The spatula is 12.5 inches long, and the wide end is 2.7 inches wide, perfect for smoothing all types of substrates.

How do I maintain the set of tools?

These tools are made from industrial grade stainless steel and are completely rust proof. To make sure your tools last for many years, we recommend that after each use, you rinse off the tools and then towel dry. Store your tools in a dry and sealed bag.

What do I use the tweezers for?

The tweezers will be essential in setting up new and maintaining established aquariums. For new plants, grasp the plant by the root with the tweezers, then carefully press the plant into the substrate. Carefully, let go and pull the tweezers away. The tweezers are also the perfect tools for cutting new shoots or leaflets off plants and replanting them next to the old stems. For instance, Luffy Windelov Java Fern is a typical plant that will propagate itself and you can then plant the new fern into the substrate with your tweezers.

How do I use the curved and straight scissors?

For detailed trimming of aquarium plants, especially in nano tanks you will want to use the curved scissors for intricate maneuvering. The curved scissors are also useful for reaching plants that are near the bottom of the tank. The straight scissors can be used for standard trimming and pruning of easy to reach plants, or plants that have leaves near the surface.

Aquarium Tool Kit (5pcs) by SunGrow — Perfect Aquascaping Tools – Includes Straight & Curved Scissors, Substrate Spatula, Straight & Bent Tweezers – Stainless Steel – No Rust – Convenient Operation

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  • ✔ PACK OF 5 AQUASCAPING TOOLS --- This kit comes with the 5 most essential aquascaping tools needed to cultivate and maintain all your aquarium plants. No more using your hands and fingers to prune those plants.
  • ✔ RUSTPROOF MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL --- The tools in SunGrow aquarium tool kit are made from stainless steel and are completely rust proof. They are also flexible, sharp and durable tools.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT DOUBLE-SIDED SPATULA --- This lightweight spatula has two sides for different applications. The larger side can be used for smoothing out large areas of substrate while the smaller end can work on more delicate jobs.
  • ✔ STRAIGHT AND CURVED TWEEZERS--- The two different types of tweezers can be used for larger aquarium plants and for tiny carpet plants. You can also use the tweezers for inserting nutritional capsules in the substrate. Grasp the capsules with the tweezer insert into the substrate and gently let go.
  • ✔ STRAIGHT AND CURVED SCISSORS--- These sharp high precision scissors are perfect for pruning and trimming your aquarium plant life. The curved scissor is specially made to help you trim the hard to reach parts of plants.