AquaClear Complete Aquarium Kit – Up to 50 Gallons


Product Information

The AquaClear 50 aquarium filter provides biological, chemical and mechanical filtration and was designed for easy and convenient maintenance. AquaClear Filter media which comes with the filter for your first time use, replaces easily in a convenient filter media basket, that holds your filter media in place. The included foam filter insert is effective for mechanical and biological filtration and has large surface area for debris and waste retention and bacteria growth. Aquaclear insert may be rinsed and reused, or replaced when needed. Pre-measured Activated Carbon Aquaclear Inserts elimate hassle: just rinse and drop in. The premium research quality of the carbon removes organic compounds, chlorine, odors and much more.

For new aquarium set ups or old, the Ammonia Remover (purchased separately) removes and controls toxic ammonia, keeping your aquarium fish healthy and happy. The AquaClear 50 provides amazing aquarium filtration.

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  • AquaClear 50 (A610) Power Filter With Media
  • AquaClear Preset Heater, 200 Watt, 12.5in . Marina "Nova", Fahrenheit only, 72-86F
  • Nutrafin Cycle, 1oz - Treats 60 Gallon . Aqua Plus Water Conditioner with P.H.E., 1oz
  • Nutrafin Max Complete Food Flakes . 92oz Marina 4in Black Coarse Nylon with 10in Handle
  • Everything Included is made and manufactured by RC HAGEN.