6-Layer Betta Corner Filter by SunGrow: Provides Biological and


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What’s in the pack of sponges?

The contents of the package include 3 triangular shaped sponge filters that perfectly fit into corners. They are made from high quality cotton and measure 1.5 inches high. They can be used in different-sized gallon tanks. The large surface area of the sponge filters’ pores will promote the propagation and colonization of nitrifying bacteria; thus making sponges provide both biological and chemical filtration for your tank.

Tips for using a betta sponge filtration system:

1. SEED THE SPONGE. When replacing the sponge filters, we recommend to “seed” the sponge first. To seed the sponge at an accelerated rate, take the sponge media and move it around the gravel or substrate. This is where nitrifying bacteria is found in high numbers and will colonize on the pores, creating optimal health for your fish and plant life.
2. USE AQUARIUM WATER. When rinsing and cleaning the sponge of debris from your tank, always use aquarium water to ensure that nitrifying bacteria still thrives. Using tap water will kill the good bacteria that has colonized on the sponge. Do not use hot water.
3. REPLACE EVERY 6 MONTHS. It is recommended to replace the biochemical cotton sponge every 6 months to ensure proper maximum filtration, and colonization of nitrifying bacteria.

6-Layer Betta Corner Filter by SunGrow: Provides Biological and Chemical Filtration: Promotes Colonization of Nitrifying Bacteria: Color Black

Price: $18.95

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  • ✔ 6-LAYER CORNER SPONGE FILTER--- This sponge is triangular in shape to allow you to insert it neatly and discreetly into the corner of your aquarium. Your aquarium's health and aesthetics should be equally important.
  • ✔ COTTON SPONGE FOR FINE FILTRATION ---- This sponge features fine filtration that will leave your aquarium water crystal clear, an excellent choice for aquarium with small fishes. They are also very efficient in breaking down the toxic waste from your tank. The pores on the sponge will trap debris and will keep your water clean and clear.
  • ✔ COLONIZES NITRIFYING BACTERIA --- These sponge filters have superior biological filtration than most power filters. The nitrifying bacteria will colonize on the pores of the sponge to improve the quality of water in your aquarium, creating an optimal habitat for your fish and plant life.
  • ✔ EASY TO WASH & REUSE--- You can use the corner sponges for a good few months before needing to use replacement sponges. Use water from the aquarium to rinse off the sponges to ensure that you don't kill the good bacteria that has colonized on the sponge.
  • ✔ REPLACEMENT SPONGE FILTER--- This corner sponge filter can be used with an existing betta filter or sponge filter in your aquarium. You can replace your old sponges with this brand new pack of 1 sponge filter.
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6-Layer Betta Corner Filter by SunGrow: Provides Biological and
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