4-Tools Aquarium Plant Aquascaping Kit Stainless Steel Curved


Product Information

With ergonomic design, it will not hurt the plants cross-section, effectively reducing the plants hurts of because of improper pruning. Aesthetic design, slender streamlined surface, professional for pruning plants design. 


Curved Scissors – 9.8inch – Gets into hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants 

Straight Tweezers – 10inch – Securely grasp your items during maintenance and setup 

Curved Tweezers – 10inch – Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease

Maintenance Holder – Collect tools together for ease of management


Maintain your stainless steel aquascaping tools by rinsing and drying after each use.
Notes: Keep away from children and pets.

4-Tools Aquarium Plant Aquascaping Kit Stainless Steel Curved Scissors, Tweezers, Maintenance Holder

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  • Kit Includes: 9.8" Curved Tweezer, 9.8" Straight Tweezer, 9.8" Curved Scissor, Storage Rack
  • Designed according to the human engineering principle, provides an easy and convenient operation.
  • It serves as the best utensil for those expertise water plants cultivators in the caring of young aquarium plants.
  • Stainless steel maintenance holder can be installed on tank, cabinet stand and wall.
  • Rinse and dry after each use.