26 Gallon Capacity Bow Front Aquarium


Product Information

You’ll love the convenience of the Aqueon Deluxe Aquarium Kit. Perfect for beginner hobbyists or those who want to upgrade their current set-up. The Aqueon Deluxe kit includes everything you need to get started. Easy-to-use starter kit that contains the necessary equipment for successful fish keeping. Features complete Aqueon Lighting and Filtration systems. Kit includes: Bow Front Glass Aquarium, Quiet Flow 20 Power Filter for crystal-clear water (Large filter cartridge included), Deluxe Full Fluorescent Hood (Full-spectrum lamp included), Submersible Heater (50 watt, accurate +1° F), Set-up & Care Guide, Premium Fish Food with all-natural ingredients and Water Conditioner (Makes tap water safe for fish).

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  • 26 gallon capacity
  • Kit includes everything you need to start
  • Easy to set up and maintain