25 Gallon Premium Aquarium Kit


Product Information

Premium Aquarium Kit 25 – Included lamps provide natural color ideal for live plant growth. Premium Aquarium Kit 25 includes T5 lighting provideing higher, more efficient light output for optimum plant growth and health. Taller Aquarium for More Plant Choices with Versa-Top Glass Top to prevent evaporation and keeps fish from jumping out. QuietFlow Power Filter for crystal-clear water. Also includes Water Care, Fish and Plant Food; All components needed for a healthy aquatic environment. Kit Includes: * Size 25 Glass Aquarium * 24″ Dual T5 Lighting with lamps * Versa-Top Glass Top * QuietFlow Power Filtration * Submersible Heater * Premium Fish Food * Water Condition * Set-Up and Care Guide * Aquarium Plant Food * Thermometer

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  • Designed with your aquatic pets safety and health in mind
  • Materials designed in the USA
  • Quality driven, Competitive Price and Ease of use with Aqueon